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Why is Sound United instituting a Dealer Authorization Program?What information should I have available for the Authorization?How do I begin the Authorization process?What are the Authorization types?How do I Obtain my Pass Code? How do I know what Account Number and State to enter? Can I save my progress and continue my registration at a later time?How do I return to where I left off if I logged out or was logged out of the Portal before completing my Authorization?What if I’ve forgotten my Password and/or User Name?Why can’t I find the Submit Registration option/button?How do I revise my password?Why does Sound United need all this information?Does the completion of the Authorization process and submission of our application guarantee approval?Who needs to sign the Sound United Reseller Agreement?How long will the Authorization application process take?Can we sell Sound United products to anyone? Anywhere?Does approval include authorization to sell Sound United products on the Internet?Why do we need to enter all our Brick & Mortar locations?What if an Authorized Direct Dealer needs to purchase fill-in product from an Authorized Sound United Distributor... How will the Distributor confirm the Dealer is authorized to purchase Sound United products?Does authorization entitle Indirect Dealers to buy directly from Sound United?How long until I hear back from Sound United on our Authorization request?What do I do if I am not receiving notification or Password reset emails?How do I get more information?

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